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Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center Selects One Community Auto to Handle Vehicle Donations 

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, November 15, 2020—The Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center (MAMF)  announced today an affiliation with One Community Auto to increase the value of vehicles donated in support of the organization’s mission. MAMF will work with One Community Auto to promote the program to their supporters, detailing how the fast-track program works to bring in monies for their critical missions.

One Community Auto repairs and refurbishes the donated cars and other vehicles, then sells them in their monthly online auction. The online sales effort means quicker sales, getting the monies raised to specific charities to provide additional critical funding. 

“We are appreciative of the opportunity to be part of this program,” says MAMF Secretary/Public Affairs Dr. Allen Dale Olson. “One Community Auto is a veteran owned business and works hard to support military and veteran organizations in New Mexico. Even though One Community Auto is in Albuquerque, it can accept donations from anywhere in the US. We look forward to working with One Community Auto.”

The Museum of the American Military Family and Learning Center brings together people with shared experiences showcasing and honoring those who also served–America’s Military Families.

MAMF encourages its supporters to learn more about the opportunity to turn cars into cash to support its mission by visiting

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For Additional Information: Dr. Circe Olson Woessner, Executive Director (505) 504-6830

Museum of the American Military Family.  546B State Highway 333  Tijeras, NM 87059

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PVT Harold Silverberg, (somewhere in Germany) October 4, 1944

Dear Folks,

Since I can’t tell you much about what we are doing now, I will tell you about a service on Yom Kippur Eve which I know will interest you.

Just about the last minute we were told that there was to be a holiday service at regimental headquarters. We piled into one of the battalion trucks and went to the designated place. There I was surprised to see among the soldiers of my faith, Father Lauletta, the Catholic Chaplain, with whom I had made a World Series bet just about one year ago. For a very substantial reason, the Jewish Chaplain from Corps was unable to be there. Father Lauletta insisted that we should not let this interfere with having a service and had arranged with one of the orthodox fellows from 2nd Battalion for that lad to conduct the prayers. He (F. Lauletta) said that while it had been some time since he had studied about Yom Kippur at Divinity School that if we so desired and did not feel it out of place for a Catholic Chaplain to address Jewish soldiers at their High Holiday service he would be happy to say a few fitting words either before or after our prayer service. It was entirely up to us. The majority including myself asked him to speak first.

He explained the meaning of the holiday in a learned manner and dwelt at some length in the fasting which is part of the observation. He said that he knew the additional hardships of a fast to a soldier who had to be active and told us that the Catholic Church for that reason lifted the “no-meat” fast on Fridays for soldiers. But he urged us to maintain the holiday in the orthodox manner, carrying out as much of the tradition and rules as possible. He wound up his sermon urging us to cling forever and firmly to the tenets of our faith.

The soldier from the 2nd Battalion sang “Kol Nidre” in a thin wailing voice. (He was European born and his voice held all the torment of the European Jew of today.)

After services I thanked Father Lauletta for his efforts in our behalf. He remembers me and kidded me about the Yankee’s flop this year.

Oh, yes; our synagogue was a green grass near some tall trees, an entirely fitting setting to pray to their creator.

Honolulu, Hawaii, June 10, 1942



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World War II Army Adventure (18) – Dear Pipple – Easter Sunday – April 9, 1944

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Sunday – April 9, 1944

Dear Pipple –

Maybe I should tell you some of the news to, instead of just blowing off steam about the U.S.O. The only trouble is – there is no news.  My Cadre job – may be and may not be.  There is an opening down at B-28 – and Lt. Bach is pulling for me – but he says my chances are very slim! you see, at the present time there are some boys at B-28 who are taking refresher courses (of Basic Training, – and among them is a fellow who just came back from New Guinea.  Naturally, he be much better qualified for the job than I.

Radio School is O.K. – but confidentially I don’t think much of my new home (A-36) – nothing bad in particular – just nothing good in general.  I don’t really mean that but I thought…

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C, Army Wife, Fort Sill, OK, March 1988

Dear folks,

This is a brief note to tell you what’s up. It’s snowing here. Yesterday it was 65, and Friday it was 85. It is currently 34. It got down to 27 overnight. I failed to see the humor in the situation. Every time the weather shifts, I get a severe migraine.

On Friday I applied for a sub job and while I was applying, I got sent to a fifth-grade school. I subbed Friday.

I found a babysitter for him, a Captain‘s wife who seems to like him.

B–l and I went to the cabaret dinner theater to see “Damn Yankees.” yesterday. E– went to the Little Trooper’s nursery. The play was good. The food was by far the worst meal I’ve ever eaten at the club. Sticky rice, instant mashed potatoes, stale cake (inedible), brown and serve dinner rolls (excellent!) salad with bottled dressing  (the best part of the meal.) The Beef Burgundy was awful and looked just like dried beef and cream sauce (the stuff we eat for breakfast.)

Yesterday, the fridge broke down, but I had a repair guy there within 10 minutes after I reported it.

Today we stayed home, while I made ice cream. We made banana ice cream.

I’m volunteering for the national Field Artillery Association. They will teach me graphics, paste-up, etc.

Well, I hope you are fine.

Love, Me



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World War II Army Adventure (14) – Dear Fambly – It’s Joplin This Weekend – March 12, 1944

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

March 12, 1944

Dear Fambly —

This week it’s Joplin – a sizable town with taverns and dance halls.  I didn’t dance or drink but I had a lot of fun watching.  If the people of Bridgeport think that they have a juvenile problem – they ought to come down here.  The “women” (12 to 50) here are really something.  I suppose it’s because of the army camp – but Bill Thompson and I both remarked that we’ve never seen females like this around Conn.

I applied for and got a class (C) pass which is good from 6 p.m. Saturday to 11 p.m. last night we hit a few spots mentioned in my first paragraph.  We stayed at this hotel last night.  It’s really a nice little place.

Starting tomorrow for 8 hrs.  a day and running through ’til Wednesday we face live ammunition on the range.  Then…

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